Pet Jet Washer Review

I own three big dogs and as you can imagine, keeping them clean can be a big problem. My son recommended that I buy the Pet Jet Washer to make both our lives easier (it’s our job to give the dogs a bath). I was initially hesitant but it really isn’t too expensive so I agreed to give in to his whims.

The Pet Jet Washer boasts of an internal shampoo container that will enable me to have both shampoo and water by a mere push of a trigger. It also has three nozzle settings. Basically, you connect the Pet Jet Washer to your hose and you’re just ready to go.

I appreciated the convenience of having the shampoo in the Pet Jet Washer. Any pet lover knows how difficult it is to try to get shampoo out of the bottle when you’re trying to hold down a frisky dog. The Pet Jet Washer is also very easy to hook up. It fit the hose (which came with my purchase) just fine and there are indeed three spray options as advertised. I also liked the water pressure (of course, the water pressure in my home happens to be excellent too).

The spray options of the Pet Jet Washer are important because choosing the right one ensures that you are able to rinse your pet off quickly. Also, combined with the right water pressure, the spray enables you to clean your dog without having to do some manual scrubbing. I think my dogs were a little irritated by the sprayer but they don’t like baths in general so this didn’t concern me.

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I checked online for other alternatives and I am very happy with the Pet Jet Washer’s price. Other similar products come with an exorbitant price and you even have to purchase special shampoo capsules from the manufacturer. I am really happy that I don’t have to worry about that when it comes to my Pet Jet Washer.

I recently told my friend about the Pet Jet Washer and he didn’t see the big deal. He says I can get the same effect just by buying cheaper garden hose attachments at the hardware. I still think, however, this is a good buy because of the shampoo attachment. Anyway, it is quite affordable and it doesn’t break the bank.

I recommend the Pet Jet Washer to pet owners! I’m sure all of us can appreciate the difficulty in giving our four-legged friends a bath. The Pet Jet Washer saves us time and makes everything so much easier.